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Absolut Vodka

ABSOLUT VODKA is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. In fact ABSOLUT is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.
375,000 ₫

Amarula Cream Liqueur

Amarula cream is a smooth experience - a pure and precious blend of nature's fresh cream and the mysterious taste of the wild marula fruit. Enrich your taste with the smooth fragrance of this amazing drink - it goes down beautifully with any mood, any time. The Marula tree, indigenous to the southern latitudes of subequatorial Africa, and know by the local inhabitants as the elephant tree, is favoured by the elephants for its fruit. The wild tree, never cultivated by man, bears small yellow fruit in great profusion - a wild fruit from nature that mixes harmoniously with nature's own fresh cream. Amarula Cream Liqueur is a natural product and should be stored in a cool place. Enjoy this drink neat or on ice.
390,000 ₫

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Extra 12 Years

Net wt: 700ml
Made in: UK
1,200,000 ₫

Bacardi Gold Rum

Bacardi gold was originally created as Bacardi oro back in 1862. It is a blended rum and the offspring of 14 specially selected rums that are aged in charred wood barrels providing flavours of vanilla and dried fruit.
250,000 ₫

Bacardi Superior White Rum (1L)

Bacardi Superior is a white Rum spirit. Don Facundo Bacardi in Cuba established it in 1862, as he experimented with trying to make Cuban dark rum taste better! The result was a perfectly balanced mixing rum that neither overpowers nor disappears in your drink. It’s light bodied, clear, smooth and dry with impressions of vanilla, almonds and tropical fruits. Bacardi is very versatile, which makes it a perfect component for many cocktail drinks. However, it’s also good served straight at room temperature or poured over ice with a hint of lime. If you don’t fancy making a cocktail then simply combine a shot of Bacardi with a mixer of your choice. Try cola, lemonade, orange juice or tonic. Bacardi rum has been partying for more than 150 years, so why not come and join the party! Please drink alcohol responsibly.
250,000 ₫

Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey's Irish Cream is a unique irish spirit made from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa and the finest irish spirits. Each bottle of Bailey's is 50% fresh cream, combined with triple distilled Irish Whiskey.
It contains no additives or preservatives, and has become the best known irish cream in the world since it's initiation in 1974.
420,000 ₫

Ballantines 21 years

Product of Scotland
750 ml
1,950,000 ₫

Ballantines 30 years

6,000,000 ₫
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