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Barilla Bavette N.13

Net wt: 500g
Bavette originate in Genoa and have the shape of a flat spaghetti. They are the most typical Ligurian long pasta cut: if Naples has linked its name to the most famous pasta shape in the world, Spaghetti, Genoa can claim the invention of Bavette. Born to be paired with traditional pesto, they also go well with vegetable sauces.
48,000 ₫

Barilla Capellini N.1

Capellini are long, golden strips of pasta, with a slim and almost fragile structure. In reality, they hold their shape even in the hottest broth. But it's in dry recipes that they give their best, enhancing all the flavours of the ingredients, embracing them in their long hug
52,000 ₫

Barilla Farfalle N.65

Farfalle are made from a flat sheet of pasta cut into checks and "stapled" at the centre. Their delicate surface unfolds on the palate through the different consistency between the centre and the ends: a real pleasure for all food lovers. One of the most interesting pasta shapes, Farfalle adapt well to many different combinations of taste and flavour.
54,000 ₫

Barilla Fettuccine Toscane

Net wt 500g
80,000 ₫

Barilla Fusilli N.98

Fusilli are born in the centre-south of Italy, and get their name by the "fuso", the knitting tool used to roll up the wool. Their shape is created by three small wings harmoniously twisted on themselves, in a spiral movement, which captures every type of sauce.
From 26,000 ₫

Barilla Gnocchi N.85

Gnocchi are born from the fantasy of Neapolitan pasta makers, who were inspired by the shape of classic potato gnocchi, and managed to create a shape in the durum wheat pasta tradition.
52,000 ₫

Barilla La Collezione Lasagne

Made in Italy
107,000 ₫

Barilla Lasagne all'Uovo

In the ancient and prestigious city of Bologna, the richness of their cuisine is a statement of their hospitality and love for life. Lasagne Bolognesi perfectly reflects the passion of this city. The delicate layers of porous pasta dough are perfect to enhance the most traditional of sauces, such as the Bolognese ragu.
112,000 ₫
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