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Malt Drink, Chocolate & Cocoa Drinks

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1848 Gourmet Cocoa Powder

Net wt: 450g
Made in: France
180,000 ₫

Blendy Stick Green Tea

Net wt: 105g
Made in Japan
72,000 ₫

Green And Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate

Made in UK
340,000 ₫

Hershey's Cocoa Unsweetened

Net wt: 226g
Made in: USA
125,000 ₫

Hydrate & Perform powder

Hydrate & Perform powder is an isotonic drink mix for exercise to meet hydration needs: It contains carbohydrates and sodium for dual action: Good rehydration - the isotonic formula allows faster hydration and better gastric draining. So it helps to improve performance and endurance, and avoids muscular injuries. - An excellent source of energy: a scientific study proved that the Hydrate & Perform drink improved performance by 19% (compared to a placebo).
320,000 ₫

Kaldi Cocoa Mint Powder

Net wt: 75g, 5 sticks
Made in: Japan
86,000 ₫

Klass Lemon

Net wt: 400g
Made in Mexico
85,000 ₫

Klass Mango

Net wt: 400g
Made in Mexico
85,000 ₫
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