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Barilla Spaghettini N.3


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Slim and light, thanks to Barilla’s expertise, Spaghettini hold perfectly in the cooking process: retaining their delicate consistency, without giving up the pleasure of the al dente bite.

By tradition, Spaghettini are often matched with oily sauces, but chefs advise combining them with cheeses, even if just a simple dust of Parmigiano Reggiano. Spaghettini are also well matched with spicy sauces, typical of the south of Italy. They are perfectly paired with clams, and also work well with a tuna sauce enriched with olives, in a typical Mediterranean combination. Barilla suggests trying Spaghettini in a recipe that elegantly brings together the delicate flavour of fish and the fragrances of thyme, laurel and a pinch of lively chilli.

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