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Cupper Tea Bags Be happy


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Clipper ‘Happy Mondays’ – Lemon & Ginger Flavoured Organic Infusion with Cracked Black Pepper.
Don’t worry – drink Be Happy! A sip of this delicious blend of tea and the corners of your mouth wander upwards on their own. A cup of luck worth getting up for!
All the ingredients of this sweet and fresh tea mix come from purely organic agriculture and are naturally vegan. The individually wrapped tea bags have the perfect size as a lucky gift for your loved ones and with a single tea bag of this fine creation you will gift a lot more than “just” a cup of tea! Share your happiness with others and gift your friends a smile – Be Happy!
To make the most of Cupper’s organic Be Happy tea, you should pour fresh, 100°C boiling water over your teabag and allow it to infuse for at least 7-8 minutes. If you want a more intense flavour, then you may like to leave the tea bag in your cup for a couple more minutes.

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