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Cupper Tea Bags English breakfast


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Our extremely special blend of the finest organic Assam and Ceylon teas has a full, refreshing flavour that’s welcome at any time of day.
Not many people can claim to have drank a real English black tea in a British pub. But almost everyone who once had an opportunity to do so reported the same thing: You just have to try this tea!
Cupper also joins this opinion and they even made it possible for you to taste this unique tea experience outside of the British islands. The original English Breakfast Tea by Cupper brings you the unmistakable mildly bitter aroma of the British black tea straight to your doorstep.
As icing on the cake, Cuppers English Breakfast Tea even comes from certified fair trade and is 100% organically grown. We coulnd’t even wish for more!
And of course, anyone who enjoys his black tea in the original English way will be able to simply add any kind of vegetable drink instead of animal milk to prepare the original English black tea as a purely vegan variant. Depending on which vegetable drink you choose, the taste will vary slightly, allowing you to find your very own favourite combination.
For a particularly authentic taste, the boiling water should be allowed to cool for a brief moment before pouring. After that, you can let the tea remain in the cup for about 2-4 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. If you want an even stronger aroma, you may like to let it sit for a few minutes longer.

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