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Alepia Eucalyptus Black Soap


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France 200ml

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Product Description

Black soap The superior oil containing Alepia eucalyptus oil is a natural and environmentally friendly product. Prepare skin for perfect exfoliation. The characteristic of black soap is that it is cooked in copper pots.

To carry out a good scrub, it’s better if you take your time, then, you should use it on Sunday for example. It is not useful to do it more than once a week.

Initially, it is important to heat the bathroom, plunge your body into the very hotwater (but not too much!) 
Then cover oneself with soft soap during 5 minutes, then rinse your body with warm water: The skin is ready to be scrub

To rub the body with Kessa glove. The dead skin is eliminated with various dirtiness and other toxins, like if you use a rubber and a paper.

To rinse with tepid water (not hot this time in order to avoid marks)


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