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Kiyomi Compressed Towel Candy Bag – 100% Rayon


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Japan 100pcs

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Product Description


100% Biodegradable
Quick and easy to use, a clean fresh towel every time
Never expires, store in a cool/dry place
Free of chemicals and detergents
Convenient for travel, just add water


Color: White
Materials: 100% Rayon – environment friendly and biodegradable

Items Included

One (1) Hundred (100) compressed towels
Size: Round shape 1 x 2 cm before water. Square shaped towel 22 x 24 cm after water.

1. Individual package and small size, clean and keep easily.
2. Cotton and no fluorescent agent, soft and safe.
3. High water absorption, can unfold quickly in water.
4. Very convenient, can wipe hands, wash face. After using, you can use as cleaning cloth on furniture and toys and so on.

How to use:
Step 1. prepare clean water
Step 2. put compressed towel into water
Step 3. wait for a few seconds, compressed towel will be unfolded.



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