Welcome to our online store!

1. Scope of application:
These terms and conditions are applied to specific customers listed as below:
• The individuals who are above 15 years old or perform the transactions under the monitoring of parents or elder people. Customers have to fully aware of their Civil responsibilities while having any transaction performance in the website
• Customers who buy the product online via the website of L’s Place
• Customers who have demands of purchasing the product from l’s Place food mart online via the website for home deliver which the addresses which are suitable with the delivery policy of L’s Place website.

2. How to form online contract when purchasing online with us.
2.1: All of the information and features of the products on the website cannot be considered as the requests to sign any contract from L’s Place. To form an official contract of online purchasing, customer needs to follow the steps below:
Step 1: Customers choose and order online the product from L’s Place website
Step2: Customers receive the confirmation (product list, time of delivery, contact number) sent to registered emails or phone numbers to confirm about the order.
The contract between L’s Place and the online purchasers is valid when the second step is completed.
2.2 In case of order cancellation, it is necessary to follow the regulations posted on the website of L’s Place.
Customers’ orders may be canceled in some cases which are listed in delivery policy in L’s Place website. In case some of the ordered items are out of stock, customers will be notified by L’s Place vie email or message before payment.

3. Price and payment.
3.1: The price of product may include or exclude VAT, which is mentioned in Description of the product published on the website.To the customers who pay the online orders by the internet banking, the confirmation notification of receiving the payment in L’s Place bank account will be sent to customers’ emails or phone numbers before the deliveries are processed. Therefore, the orders paid via banking on Saturday and Sunday may be delivered later (1-2 days)

4. Delivery:
4.1: The products will be delivered to your addresses listed in your orders with the time referred in “delivery policy”, or L’s Place can take the requests for different delivery time via phone calls or emails if they are compatible with the delivery term and conditions of L’s Place.
In case of requirement for delivery address change, customers need to call to our customer service to notify about the new address as well as the name and phone number of the person who is assigned to receive the delivery. These assignees are called “Customers” in general.
4.2: Customers are advised to check the product before giving signature to receipt transcripts.
The ownership rights as well as the risks of any problem rising with products are transferred to customers after customers give signatures to delivery receipt transcripts. The receipt transcripts should be kept in case any of any raising problem. After the accepted return time, all of the problems with products will be handled according to guarantee policy.

5. Return and exchange product.
All of return and exchange regulations are mentioned in our return policy published on our website.

6. Customer service and customer care:
In case of any inquiries, questions or complain about product qualities as well as services of L’s Place, customers can directly call to our customer service number: 02437182702 or send email to us via email: While contacting with us, the receipt numbers should be provided. Our customer service will try to contact and give replies as soon as possible.

7. Responsibility limitation:
In any case, L’s Place does not have any responsibilities for any loss, damage of the products after the ownership is transferred to customers, or in other words, customers sign the receipt transcript.

8. General term and condition:
8.1: This term and condition should be practiced by sides, L’s Place and customers.
8.2: In case any term in this term and condition is considered as inefficiency by any authorities, other term and conditions are still have effect.
8.3: Any rising problem in contract between L’s Place and customers, this term and condition can be adjusted to fit with Vietnam law and regulations. Unless all the disputes are expected to solved in harmony and negotiation between both sides in 30 days, it can be resolved at the competent court.

This return policy mentions about the reasons and requests for return which are accepted by L’s Place, as well as the time session to handle them.
Accepted reasons for return:
– The labels or sealed stamps are unfortunately missing.
– The delivery is wrong in quantity or type of products.
– The product is out of date before delivery day
Requirement for return products:

1. Conditions to accept return.
– The product is still in sealed with labels and box (except for the case of the product has error in label missing or seal stamp)
– The product is fully furnished with instruction paper (if have), guarantee, and attached gift (if have)
– The product is clean and unused, without any strange smells.
– Customers still keep the receipts.

2. Return time allowed
– For all the products are allowed to be returned within 3 days since the delivery day.
– For all the fresh products, customers have 120 minutes since the delivery time to request for return.
– Some products, such as electricity equipment, etc, have different return period which will be mentioned specifically on the product’s descriptions on our website.

Product sending via post (out of Ha Noi) Product which are directly sent to the stores (inside Hanoi)
– The time of returned will be checked based on the post office stamp. – The time will be based on the moment the products are handled to L’s Place staff.

3.Cost of return:
– To the products which are return because of L’s Place faults, the return fee will be free of charge.
– To the products which are return because of customer’s demand/requirements, customers may have to pay some extra cost depend of the price of product they want to exchange or return.

Regulation for return money:

Customers who are out of Ha Noi Customers who are inside Ha Noi
Method to return money Bank transfer Cash
(At L’s Place stores)
Time to return money
(if meet the criteria mentioned above)
5-7 working days 0-5 working days