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Kiyomi Compressed Towels – Magic Towels


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Japan 8pcs

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Product Description


100% Biodegradable
Quick and easy to use, a clean fresh towel every time
Never expires, store in a cool/dry place
Free of chemicals and detergents
Convenient for travel, just add water


Dimensions : 8″x9″ expanded ( 22 x 24 cm )
Color: White
Size: Round shape 1 x 2 cm before water. Square shaped towel 22 x 24 cm after water.

Numbers of layers: 1 layer of paper

Quantity: 8 pieces per bag

Materials: 100% Rayon – environment friendly and biodegradable

Expiration Date: 36 months from date of manufacture.

Items Included

8 compressed towels
How to use:

Step 1. prepare clean water
Step 2. put compressed towel into water
Step 3. wait for a few seconds, compressed towel will be unfolded.

Kiyomi multi-purpose compressed towels meet international quality standards.



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